St. Patrick’s Day Weekend Mixed Bonspiel

This year is our 63rd year for the St. Patrick's Day Weekend Mixed Bonspeil.

This is one of our most popular bonspiels that we host. We welcome everyone to come and celebrate St. Pattys Day during our Bonspiel. We also encourage all particpating teams to wear green, dress up, etc and celebrate St. Patty's even when on the ice.


This years St. Patrick' Day Mixed Bonspiel is scheduled for:

March 13 - 15, 2020


Bonspiel Coordinators: Jean Fahey & Colleen Brisky




2020 Mixed Flyer invite


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  • Monday Mens Dinner League +

    Monday Dinner League 4:30 draw, 5 teams (1 team cooks, 4 teams play)
  • Tuesday Men's League +

    Tuesday Men's League 6:15 & 8:15 draws
  • Wednesday Open League +

    Wednesday Open League 6:15 & 8:30 draws playing 8 ends
  • Thursday Men's League +

    Thursday Men's League 6:15 & 8:15 draws
  • Friday Open League +

    Friday Open League 6:30 & 8:15 draws playing 6 ends
  • High School League +

    High School League Games start at 3:45 pm and are located at different curling facilities each week.
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