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We have attempted to assemble a list of resources on curling and the Lodi area that we hope you may find useful. This list includes associations and organizations, news and information sources, supplies and equipment, events & tours and the U.S. Olympic site. Though by no means a complete list, we will gladly accept any recommendations or suggestions for links that you may find useful and relevant. Suggesting a website does not automatically qualify it for inclusion which is solely at the discretion of the Lodi Curling Club.

Lodi Area Info


Lodi Chamber of Commerce


Places to Stay | Map & Directions

Places to Eat & Drink | Map & Directions

Things to Do | Map & Directions

Just in Case | Map & Directions

    • Amcore Bank-713 N. Main St., Lodi, (608) 592-3884
    • Associated Bank-102 N. Main St., Lodi, (608) 592-3251
    • Burlage Chiropractic Center-in Lodi Sports & Rec Center, Lodi, (608) 592-1444
    • Community Business Bank-807 N. Main St., Lodi, (608) 592-7788
    • D&D – Piggly Wiggly-805 N. Main St., Lodi, (608) 592-7570
    • Mallatt’s Pharmacy & Costumes - 801 N. Main St., Lodi, (608) 592-3256
    • Kwik Trip-215 N. Main St., Lodi, (608) 592-4491
    • Lodi Chiropractic Clinic-154 Lodi St., Lodi, (608) 592-7030
    • Lodi Clinic-601 Clark St., Lodi, (608) 592-3296
    • Lodi Kwik Mart(Mobil)-430 N. Main St., Lodi, (608) 592-3311
    • Lodi Kwik Stop BP Amoco-107 Portage St., Lodi, (608) 592-2654
    • Main Street Liquor Store-216 N. Main St., Lodi, (608) 592-3344
    • Sauk Prairie Memorial Hospital-80 First St., Prairie du Sac, (608) 643-3311

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