High School League

The Lodi High School teams participate within the Columbia County High School Curling League.


The Lodi High School have won four Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association State High School curling championships. The boys teams won in 1962 and 1990 and the girls teams won in 1984 and 1991.

In 2016 the boys team won the 65th annual Tietge High School Bonspiel at the Wausau Curling Club

The 2014-15 school year marked the first time that the Lodi High School has had a team compete in the Columbia County High School Curling League in almost 20 years.


Coach: Tom Brownrigg



 2014-2015 Lodi High School Curling team Lodi High School 2014-2015 team

2014-2015 Lodi High School curling team. Back row: (left to right) Nate Jelinek, Cody McGettigan, Thomas Cooke, Brandyn Storhoff, Chase Cunningham, Parker Stuard, Matt Saager and Rob Volk. Front row: Jared McKraken, Cassie Hellenbrand, Alyssa Hellenbrand, Sierra Skarda, Amanda Attoe, Raina Petrick, Ali Latham and Joe Sutherland.





2018-19 Columbia County High School Curling League Schedule


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  • Monday Mens Dinner League +

    Monday Dinner League 4:30 draw, 5 teams (1 team cooks, 4 teams play)
  • Tuesday Men's League +

    Tuesday Men's League 6:15 & 8:15 draws
  • Wednesday Open League +

    Wednesday Open League 6:15 & 8:15 draws playing 8 ends
  • Thursday Men's League +

    Thursday Men's League 6:15 & 8:15 draws
  • Friday Open League +

    Friday Open League 6:30 & 8:15 draws playing 6 ends
  • High School League +

    High School League Games start at 3:45 pm and are located at different curling facilities each week.
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