So you have your shoes, your slider and your broom. You’ve shown up at the club and you’re ready to curl. Now what? Well, there is a certain amount of protocol. Both teams will meet on the sheet upon which they will be playing. Curlers shake hands with all of the other curlers on both teams and wish one another luck by saying “Good curling”. If not already determined, there is usually a coin toss to determine which team goes first and which team goes last, or has the “hammer”.

The lead for one team goes first, then the lead for the other team. Each curler throws two rocks. This alternating of turns repeats until all curlers have thrown their rocks and the “end” has been completed. An end usually takes about 15 minutes to play and matches are usually either 8 or 10 ends. However, sometimes in the case of an insurmountable lead, a team may concede the game prior to the completion of all ends. Those are the basics, but now, let’s look a little more closely at the individual components of the game.


  • Monday Mens Dinner League +

    Monday Dinner League 4:30 draw, 5 teams (1 team cooks, 4 teams play)
  • Tuesday Men's League +

    Tuesday Men's League 6:15 & 8:15 draws
  • Wednesday Open League +

    Wednesday Open League 6:15 & 8:15 draws playing 8 ends
  • Thursday Men's League +

    Thursday Men's League 6:15 & 8:15 draws
  • Friday Open League +

    Friday Open League 6:30 & 8:15 draws playing 6 ends
  • High School League +

    High School League Games start at 3:45 pm and are located at different curling facilities each week.
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